You know you are in BEST when...

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... when at work you write "BEST regards" at the end of professional email. 
... when you haven't buy a T-shirt for 3 years, 'cos you have too many of them from BEST events already. 
... when in work meetings you want to use "finger rules", what noone in the office gets until you explain and then they are all using it. 
... when you go to a city you've never been to, but already have friends there. 
... when you can name more international drinks than your all friends together. 
... when you are buying tickets without knowing if you will go there and if you will have a place to stay. 
... when you have more friends abroad than at home. 
... when you drink Stroh by setting waffles on fire. 
... when you are making schedule on who is staying at your place and when. 
... when you wake up and first thing you do is to read BEST emails. 
... when you come back from a party and even if you're exhausted, you answer LBG and junk emails before going to bed. 
... when you count trips by not how many days, but how many nights you are away. 
... when you don't spend more than 10 minutes to pack your stuff. 
... when you always carry a toothbrush and a passport/ID... just in case. 
... when you know what "ariki tara kuma" is. 
... when you can toast with almost every person you meet in their mother tongue.. to their surprise. 
... when you call Europe home and from Lisbon to Ekaterinburg is just a slightly longer trip. 
... when your facebook profile is a danger to your future life ;). 
... when you type in new numbers on your mobile with international prefix, even from your own country, because that's just how you write down phone numbers. 
... when you know prices and timetable of all the international buses, trains and particular plains by heart. 
... when staying in your country seems like a torture! 
... when you're talking on gtalk with someone who is 2m away. 
... when you fall in love with someone who lives 3000km away. 
... when you're about to make a project at the university and start with: let's share work! I'll make doodle! 
... when you do and sing stupid stuff in city streets. 
... when you have a favourite drink from other country you wish you could import. 
... when you don't have fun at parties, because they are not BEST parties. 
... when you read mails from ppl you never met, but you know them all! 

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